“Thanks, but we’re going to wait until the Spring to sell”

With a little over 50 days left in the year, many of you out there NEED to sell your homes still, but feel like it’s not doable until the Spring. Can any of you tell me WHY that is so? Sure you’ve HEARD that it is better, that alot of buyers come out of the woodwork that time of the year, but can any of you tell me why it ISN’T a good to come back to the market NOW?

I can tell you why it IS!

1. There are still serious buyers out looking for a home, probably one just like yours.

In fact, they’re the ones more likely to put an offer on your home on Thanksgiving or even Christmans Eve…can’t get anymore serious than that.

2. A purchase/close by December 31st doesn’t just mean a lifestyle change from renting to owning.

it also means that a GREAT motivating factor to get a home purchase done by the last day of the year, gives the new homeowners the incentive of claiming the purchase on their taxes, where in DC the First time Buyer’s tax credit (of up to $5,000.00) is available.

3. Inventory is LOW right now!

the reason why there are still buyers looking around the holidays is because their options are somewhat limited.

Not many homes on the market + many buyers out looking = less competition now than in the spring 

To find out what can get your home sold between now and the end of the year, click the and fill out the form below to get the current value of your home and set an appointment. Or call me directly at: 202-355-5544



Shantee Haynes
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
PenFed Realty
216 7th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
DIRECT: 202-355-5544
OFFICE: 202-608-1881

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